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Windows desktop application development


Posted on Jan 16, 2019


Budget: 25000


This application is developed on dot net and is windows desktop application. It's primarily job is to do several sql maintainance on sql server using a job that can run instantly on demand and can be scheduled. All the jobs created within application is saved in SQL compact database that application service reads to job configuration and setting and executes if it is encountered to execute within that time. The schedule is created to pick the job on a minute basis and execute jobs parallel when more than one job is needed to execute on that specific date & time. After running a job it saves each task execution status into specific log file within a job. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1L36pjdeZSJlBMQgTQcuaM14YeXNHS-Ey Step 1 : Refer SQLServerMaintenceTask.docx for more - this was a file initially created as requirement of this application. Step 2 : app_demo_R4.mp4 - go through this video to see this application demo Step 3 : what next to do as fix and enhancement is in "missing-feature-bugs-R4.docx" Important : Go through all the 3 step and reply what you need to do in your own word - this is to avoid junk bidding from bulk of freelancer.

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