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iOS app developer required.


Posted on Jan 07, 2018


Budget: 45000


I am looking for an iOS app developer, who can create a video downloader and player, I already have the Android version designed and developed, just need that same app to be ported to iOS

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Naveen Rana

Naveen Rana 1 year 1 month ago

Profile- Naveen Rana iOS Developer Hi , i am having 8 years of experience in iOS development. I have worked more than 50 apps for now. I have published many cocoapods library and one of my library NRControls having more than 6000 downloads. Linkedin: https://www.l*****(Altered bu Missionkya team) ● Strong command over XCode IDE and iPhone SDK ● Profound experience with Objective-C and Swift on Mac OS X XML JSON ● Strong record developing apps for iPad and iPhone ● Always love to solve Algorithm problems. ● Exceptional ability to work in a fast-paced high-pressure environment ● High skills in developing UI for media applications ● Good knowledge of interaction with web service APIs ● Firm background in object-oriented designing and programming skills ● Team Management, having more than 3 years of experience in leadership now. ● Scrum, Agile process, JIRA, Basecamp, Trello, Asana. ● Viper, MVC, MVP, TDD Want to connect? Phone: +91*****(Altered bu Missionkya team)