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Posted on Jan 18, 2018

Delhi, India

Budget: 1000


Inverted Prism is an experiential education company. We are in the process of creating explainer videos for the purpose of career counselling. Please find our requirement below and send your quotation for the same as soon as possible. 1) Objective - - Create interactive, and engaging presentations/ explainer videos - These videos will be used to communicate information about careers to students 2) Audience - - Students of age 14 to 17 years 3) Concept - - Through the video we want to showcase how each career exists in our surroundings. - We want to build a cityscape to be able to show different organisations/ agencies and show each career that exists. For example, when we want to discuss hotel management, we will zoom in to the hotel building, and talk about the different roles in a hotel, right from front desk management to sales. - We will build a storyline that will start by introducing students to streams they have to choose in school to which careers they lead to, and then specifically what they would do in each career. - NO VOICE OVER will be added in the presentation - No presentation should be longer than 3 - 5 mins when played. 4) Requirement - - We aim to make approximately 20-25 presentations immediately. - Over the entire year, we want to make over 100 videos. 5) Budget - - INR 1000 per video 6) Software - - We are open to using powerpoint, prezi and other similar software for making these videos.

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